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This is drawn from the name of a city which was the very first port in Africa. It opened the door for people from all over the world to come to Africa.The port’s location were strategic. As already mentioned, it gave easy access to people from the outside world. But more importantly, it was a place where the local population could prosper rapidly.

As a tour operator, we want to remain true to our calling: make it known to the world that Madagascar is a beautiful island. But at the same time, we want to give a hand and lift our fellow countrymen out of poverty.


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consists exclusively of nationals: both employers and employees are Malagasy. We are a nature friendly team, keen on preserving our environment and very much aware of the benefits we can get from responsible tourism. Our leaders are not new in the field of tourism. Their fifteen years of experience have given them the opportunity to work closely with people from England, Finland, United States, Poland, South Africa, Kenya, Germany, Russia, France, Holland, Switzerland, Israel, China, Taiwan, Australia, Italy, and Spain. We work with professional tour guides who can speak French, English, German, Russian, and Spanish. They are specialized in various areas such as bird watching, fauna and flora, photography but have this in common – the love for their country.


We arrange trips and tours around the Big Island. Either you want to come individually or in groups, we can set up an itinerary that matches the length of your stay, your budget and your particular interests. We offer classic travel (which includes the highlights of Madagascar), tours centred on special interests (such as bird watching, trekking, photography, adventure, cruise boat, incentive, beach holiday), and car rent.

  • To introduce you to the beauty and wonders of Madagascar with all comfort and security.
  • To introduce you to the beauty and wonders of Madagascar with all comfort and security.
  • To make your stay in Madagascar an unforgettable moment.
  • To provide customized assistance and to stay close to the clients.
  • To provide the best service possible.

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