Madagascar is an island nation located off the southeastern coast of Africa. Because of its long separation from neighboring continents—through tectonic movement, it split from Africa about 160 million years ago, and from India around 90 million years ago—it contains many species endemic to the island.Of the 285 bird species recorded on Madagascar, 105 are found nowhere else on earth.

Apperts Tetraka Madagascar

Archbolds Newtonia Madagascar

Ashy Cuckooshrike Madagascar

Berniers Vanga Madagascar

Blue Coua Madagascar

Blue Vanga Madagascar

Brown Mesite Madagascar

Chabert Vanga Madagascar

Common Jery Madagascar

Common Newtonia Madagascar

Crested Coua Madagascar

Crested Drongo Madagascar

Crossleys Vanga Madagascar

Cryptic Warbler Madagascar

Cuckoo Roller Madagascar

Dark Newtonia Madagascar

Forest Fody Madagascar

Green Jery Madagascar

Grey Crowned Tetraka Madagascar

Grey Emu Tail Madagascar

Giant Coua Madagascar

Coquerels Coua Madagascar


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